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Pioneer SE-C4BT(B) in-ear headphones (Mint green)

Pioneer SE-C4BT(B) in-ear headphones (Mint green)

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Headphones part
A model number: SE-C4BT
A model: Sealing type dynamic
A unit diameter: Φ 8mm
Reproduction frequency band: 10Hz - 20,000Hz
Mass: 13 g
Accessories: Earphone tip (silicon) S/M/L, microUSB cable
A battery duration (consecutive communication): Up to six hours (I include it at music reproduction time)
A charge time: Approximately 1.5 hours
A power supply: DC3 .7V built-in charge-type lithium ion battery

A communication method: Bluetooth standard norm Ver .4.2
The output: Bluetooth standard norm Power Class 2
Maximum communications distance: Prospect distance approximately 10m
Use frequency band: 2.4GHz zone (2.4000GHz - 2.4835GHz)
An abnormality method: FHSS
Correspondence Bluetooth profile: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP
Correspondence codec: SBC
Correspondence contents protection: SCMS-T method
Multi-pairing: Up to eight

・Depending on the combination with the smartphone, I may not cope with some operation.
・Consecutive communication time may change by use environment.
・The communications distance is an aim. Communications distance may change by neighborhood environment.
・This product uses the electric wave of the 2.4GHz zone. A sound may break off by the interference such as a radio apparatus, the microwave oven using the other 2.4GHz zone.
SOUND Rich reproduction by φ 8mm driver who adopted a strong magnetic force rare earth elements magnet of high-quality sound "A year direct mount structure" to improve sound quality toward the eye of a needle by a driver DESIGN The design which I matched a housing and a cord with in a one tone Selectable four-colored color variations FIT A feeling of high wearing by "the ear direct mount structure" that added an angle to a nozzle I bundle an ear tip of 3 selectable size to the size of the ear (S/M/L) OTHER FEATURE The control BOX deployment that the start of volume adjustment, musical piece operation, a call and the sound assistant can easily operate I read a sound reading various notices to arrive to a smartphone aloud by a sound aloud and support "Notification App" The consecutive communication (including the music reproduction time) of up to six hours is possible

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