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MISSION LX-5 Floorstanding speaker black wood

MISSION LX-5 Floorstanding speaker black wood

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• Floorstanding
• Bass reflex enclosure
• 3-way speakers
• 2 x 165mm advanced bass driver
• 130mm advanced fibre midrange driver
• 25mm microfibre dome tweeter
• 90dB sensitivity (1w @ 1m)
• 15-200W recommended amp power
• 6 Ohms nominal impedance
• 3 Ohms minimum impedance
• 38Hz-30kHz frequency response
• 580Hz/2.8kHz crossover frequency
• 1020 x 214 x 335mm
• 21kg
The LX-5 is a three-way design. The midrange and mid/bass drivers use cones manufactured from an advanced fibre formulation, impregnated to reduce hygroscopy as well as being very stiff for their mass, with excellent self-damping. With the use of a powerful ferrite magnet, the magnetic field is directed precisely within the area of voice coil excursion, enabling an ultra-linear performance that minimises colouration. While high performance mid/bass and treble units are the foundation of a great sounding speaker, if the cabinet is not properly reinforced it can be an unruly source of unwanted noise. To prevent this, extensive research and development was carried out by the designers of Mission to ensure internal cabinet robustness, eliminating any unwanted cabinet resonances and vibrations. Using a combination of CAD analysis, a lot of experimentation and extensive listening tests, the cabinet within each speaker has been braced at key points which means that the full frequency range is clear and detailed.

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