Welcome to Hwee Seng Electronics.

It has been our pleasure to serve you for 70 years and counting. We have been constantly seeking growth in the various areas of the audio industry, starting from a focus in hi-fi systems and moving towards a diversification to include audio accessories and IT products.

Since the 1970s – where the booming industry of audio technology sparked off rapid growth – we have grown together with the rest of the world, offering you the best selection of products that you can find in the market.

Through our intensive marketing efforts, the team has grown Hwee Seng from a small retail outfit with a strong niche to what it is today; a business ready to meet the challenges of the modern world of technology.

The audio industry has experienced a marriage to Information Technology. This inevitable merger has allowed us to take advantage of our specialisation in audio systems and accessories, to include more IT products that are ubiquitous in everyone’s daily grind.

Hwee Seng Electronics has always been focused on delivering the best quality and most relevant products to our customers, and as the audio industry continues to evolve and see different iterations of the technologies that exist today, we strive to grow together with it to give you the best.


David Tan

Hwee Seng Electronics Pte Ltd
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